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Advocates For Justice's Mission is threefold:  

Advocate, Educate and Empower!


We aspire to motivate, inspire, and empower our students to achieve academic excellence and make positive contributions at school, in their communities, and to our world

AFJ MISSION: Our mission is to Advocate, Educate, and Empower our students, their families and our community to greatness.  We accomplish our mission through creative, compassionate and effective advocacy!


The Board



Jocelyn Cooper

Jocelyn Cooper

Jocelyn Cooper joins us with years of experience and knowledge. She has business management experience in operations, training and managing teams. Her primary areas of management expertise are in: communication, organizational culture and management, development and implementation of policies and procedures, implementation of projects, human resources, and customer service.

Prior to joining Advocates for Justice and volunteering to be chapter lead for Organizing for Action,  she managed many different departments with the telephone company with responsibility for both public and private accounts concentrated locally and regionally within the state of California. Her interests and success have always been built around being an effective leader. Her leadership abilities define her success at coordinating and communicating with the personnel in the organization and other stakeholders to deliver the organizational goals required for profitability and quality of service.

Recently, she has been pursuing her personal goal to integrate her many years of management experience with current leadership knowledge to expand my viability as a leader in the business world and the community.

She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts, with a minor in Human Development, and a Master Degree in Public Administration with a Public Management and Health Care Administration option. Currently, she is pursuing a Doctoral degree in Health Administration with specialization in Leadership. She is also the founder and President of Central Valley Action Network, a community advocacy organization with emphasis on Stanislaus County. She is also in the process of formulating a new business, Jocelyn Cooper Enterprises, establishing herself as a health care consultant/policy advocate, and community organizer.  


Renaldo Ruckerrenaldo

Mr. Rucker has 5 years experience as a SDC (Special Day Class) Teacher in the Modesto City Schools District.  His first four years were spent mostly at Thomas Downey High School developing their SDC-SH (Severely Handicapped) program.  Currently he was called to open a first year SDC/SH-Transitions program at Grace Davis High School to prepare adult students for the community at large.  Mr. Rucker has also been active with other school clubs and community organizations during these years.  Mr. Rucker is on the board of the Boys & Girls Club of Stanislaus, on the board of the Northern UBSUC (United Black Student Unions of California), and is a team member of the Advocates for Justice mentor program.  Mr. Rucker has coached H.S. varsity football, youth flag football, youth softball, and youth basketball.  At TDHS was the BSU advisor, a School Site Council Member, and helped advise Teens Run Modesto, as well as other services and contributions not mentioned in this summary.  Mr. Rucker obtained his Business Degree from SJSU University.  For the next 7 years Mr. Rucker held either management (or sales positions) in the retail, grocery, fitness clubs, and the newspaper industry.  He also owned a start up entertainment/community organization for 5 years during this span.  Mr. Rucker arrived from the Bay Area, and graduated from Johansen High School.      


Rosalinda Vierra

Rosalinda works full-time at the local college, and has four children and 2 grandchildren. One of her children has born with unilateral hearing loss, and another with minor kidney problems which as required many years of her advocating for her own children in the school, with both IEP’s and 504 accommodations. Working at the college allows her to focus on promoting higher education, especially in the Science and Math. She also owns and operates her own business.

A long-time Central Valley native, Rosalinda graduated Modesto High School, attended MJC, and obtained her B.S. in Business Management for the University of Phoenix. She continued her education and obtained her Legal Assistant certificate from Harcourt Law, her Medical Assistant certificate from Andon College, and No Child Left Behind (NCLB) certification from Ceres School District. She stated working in the school system at age 15, when she accepting an office clerk position in accounting. She has continued to work in the schools, as a paraprofessional, and now works at the community college.

Rosalinda volunteers on several committees and organizations. Her work with Advocates For Justice allow her to use her vast knowledge to advocate for, represent, and mentor parents and youth to achieve the most out of life.